Source Hampers

Food and drinks always excites! With more of us working from home a great way to keep in touch with staff is to send them a food and drink package. 

Source’s focuses is working with businesses and their agencies to provide exciting bespoke food and drink packs to their staff.

For 15 years Source has worked with providing catering in offices – we have detailed knowledge of how businesses work and the role food and drink has in keeping staff happy and motivated. With the change in work patterns it is time to bring Source food to office workers homes.

There are a number of different activities and events that we can provide.

With connections to chefs and mixologists Source can help curate an entire event from coordination with chefs and mixologists as well as providing food packs for staff.  

Source develops a wide range of interactive food and drink activity – focusing on -

Meals - Create a new meals for you can your family.

Cocktails – ever wanted to make your local cocktails bar favourite drinks?

Baking – everyones at it – bake some bread at home from scratch.

Salads – easy to get into bad eating habits – try a new healthy idea.

 We can also provide –

Seasonal hampers

Bespoke hamper

Healthy packs

Tea & coffee packs